Performance Edge Women’s Hockey

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Performance Edge Hockey

During the past 20 years of my career I have trained hundreds of performance athletes, from hockey players to swimmers, gymnasts to rugby players, and everything in between.I worked with Team Canada Women’s Hockey, Team Canada Men’s and Women’s Volleyball, and also managed strength and conditioning for the Canadian Sports Institute in Manitoba.During my time at the Canadian Sports institute, I learned that there were very few female strength coaches in elite sport. That adversely affected some of the top female athletes because they did not get the same degree of coaching as many of their male counterparts.Between body image issues, lack of physical confidence or their coaches’ lack of understanding of their biomechanical differences – I found that many female athletes were not being trained to their physical potential.Being a small female, I was was often overlooked and underestimated because of my small size. I learned at a very young age that I could use my size as an advantage and be stronger than anyone expected.My love for weight training began at 16 and has never stopped. I was an all-conference track and field athlete in high school and also competed in university, but I never had access to a Strength & Conditioning Coach. I had to figure out how to train on my own.Now, I derive satisfaction and success through the success of my athletes.[…]
Performance Edge Hockey

An Off Season Workout Program For Women’s Hockey Players That Want To Take Their Game To The Next Level! Written By Expert Coaches And Designed To Help Athletes Get Maximal Results. Affiliates: Earn 50% Commission Marketing This $197 Product.

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