Personal Development With Success Ingredients

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Do you look at others around you in life and wonder to yourself, whats the REAL secret to their success? What makes some people so INSANELY successful, while others slave away trying to achieve their dreams only to continue to go around in circles getting nowhere?You see, you have one grand shot at your life. You can continue to slave away in the rat race of life, working for a boss you hate, or a job you despise and barely make it financially along the way. instead of letting life call all the shots for you, you can be in the drivers seat of your own personal success, financial freedom, and happiness. The struggle is real in life, but for every struggle, there is MASSIVE OPPORTUNITY as well. You just have to prepare yourself to not only see it, but to make it work in your favor when it comes to you. It all starts with YOU. No one else. And most of all, you need to be emotionally HUNGRY for what you really want and also have the right MENTAL TOOLS to help convert opportunity and turn it into abundant success.But Im getting ahead of myself. Hi, my name is Mo Abraham. By now, youre probably asking Who am I and how can I make these claims? Back in 1980 I was a very young man in the merchant navy and I had a hunger to study marine electronics, communication, and radars. It wasnt always easy; I had my fair share of major struggles and huge obstacles I had to overcome. But eventually it all paid off for me, and I became a highly paid Radio Officer at a very young age.Seven years later, I continued to remain hungry for more knowledge and personal challenges, and I wanted to move into a more meaningful work position in my life. But unfortunately, the positions I desired the most I wasnt really qualified for, so thats when I started a 3-year course in Business Management to open more doors of opportunity for myself. After mygraduation, and between 1994 and 2003 I bounced between multi-billion dollar companies earning even more money and even higher management positions. But with all my achievements and success, something STILL was lacking in life. I really didnt feel completely satisfied deep down at the very core of my being. I realized that I still hadnt fulfilled my lifelong dream. And that was to be my OWN boss. Since I was very young, I always wanted to build and create my own business from the ground up. A business I could be proud of. Something that could be under my full control. So in September 2003, I took the biggest leap of faith in my life. I d[…]
The Almost 900 Pages Book Covers Over 50 Topics Revloving Around Personal & Social Development, Health & Mental Development, & Financial Development In 13 Chapters. It Is Like A Whole Library Of Knowledge, Wisdom, Key Secrets & More Packed Into One Book.

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