Potential Matrix: Strategies To Unlock Your Potential For Success

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Potential Matrix CB | Potential Matrix

I am Michael Teoh. I started my life, growing up in a small town in Penang, the northern state of Malaysia… Life was great, except I was very weak in sports.And because of that I witnessed how bullying could plague a person’s life. I was alienated and often bullied by my peers for being a weak in sports.Imagine, having to sit by the corner of the class, shun away from your friends and teachers.Life was depressing. In fact, there were days where I blamed everyone else for my misfortunes for not being good in sports.It was during a pivotal point in my life when I was15 that I decided to put EVERYTHING on the line! – It was my high school National Sports Day,a day witnessed by a roaring crowd of 900 people cheering for their favorite athletes!I was going to use that National Sports Day as the day to prove all my skeptics wrong, especially the bullies.I wanted to show them that I can indeed amount to something with sheer HARDWORK, DETERMINATION and a NEVER GIVE UP attitude!I began training for 3 months, tirelessly eachmorning doing lapsaround my school field in a sport which I believed I couldhave afighting chance of winning – A 100 meter sprint.Finally, D-day came! Time for me to show my school that Hardwork, Perseverance and Sheer Determination Will Pay!I took my position at the starting line,all brave and determined…What could possibly go wrong? I’ve spent countless hours training for this…I was CONVINCED…This is MY WAY to SUCCESS!The referee instructed all of us to "Get ready…get set..""This is it, my time to shine!" I thought.He blew the whistle and I ran for my life!It only took 2 steps…1…2…and I slipped, falling facedown on the muddy ground below. It was filthy and dirty, but I wasnt going to give up!Suddenly, a loud scream echoed across the air, yelling at me "DON’T GET UP!! DON’T GET UP!!"WHATTT??!!There has to be a mistake! We were taughtto NEVER GIVE UP and keep getting up whenever we fall!Little did I know, I had dislocated my left knee.The pain was so bad that I couldn’t feel legs anymore. There I was, lying down in a puddle of mud, being jeered and laughed at by900 students. They didn’t think I could do it…They never did…Irecalled, while lying down waiting for an ambulance to arrive, a group of Boy Scouts arrived at the scene literally to ‘Jeer Me Up’. They asked me one question which would CHANGE MY LIFE FOREVER…[…]
Potential Matrix – CB | Potential Matrix

Potential Matrix Is A Strategic Personal Development Guide To Unlock Potentials, Based On Potential Matrix Model, A Revolutionary And Holistic Success Model.

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