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Group Detox

Heres a glimpse into each of the steps:Heres a glimpse into each of the steps:You get to make immediate changes to help clean up the toxicity of your home!This week is all about the larger looming toxins that you may find in paints, furniture, & bedding, for example.3: Remove Toxins: From the Body – Head to Toe You get to strip down the bad & implement the good. The best part is that youll already have all the non-toxic products you need {yay toolkit!}Clean water is a huge factor in our reproductive & overall health. Learn what to look for, & what to avoid.We get down to the nitty gritty to discuss non-food ingredients that dont belong anywhere near your food& remove them!Want to know which fats & oils are safe? Why? How & where to use them? This week has you covered!Say goodbye to the tricky food that has been known to wreak havoc on happiness& learn what to use instead!This week we weed out the foods that arent necessarily toxic OR beneficial in order to pack in the baby-building goodness.Now that youre locked & loaded with a super clean diet, I offer up my favorite tips for staying on track.Taking out the toxins is only the half of it. Now its time to amplify your health by adding in nutrient dense foods.While fertility health often mirrors overall health, there are certain foods that can be extra beneficial during this special time.Your home, body, & diet are clean; nutrients are packed; lets get down & dirty with your detox!We discuss selective foods & herbs that can aid the body in elimination of the nasties making themselves at home!The final phase of detox support is active detoxification, using more than just our bodies.Transitioning to pregnancy & parenthood is a transformation of the entire body. This week focuses on brightening the mind.The final step of our detox is to put practices into place that help to clear yourself of stress, worry, & expectations. You get tools to increase peacefulness.[…]
Group Detox – Rochelle Serna

Help Clients Prepare Their Body, Home, Diet & Mind For Babies! This Is A Holistic Protocol That Focuses On Detox & Mindfulness.

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