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Pressure Point Fighting Course Special Offer Russell Stutely Online Gym

My Pressure Point Fighting Course is not about sport, it is not about Martial Arts Ceremony and it is not about a MMA Fight!It is, quite simply, the best Pressure Point for REAL Fighting training on the Planet!My system has been saving lives of Police Officers, Security Officers and people just like you for over 20 years!I know that by reading this you want the very best.I have been involved in Martial Arts pretty much all my life. I have met with, trained with and am friends with some of the greatest names out there in their respective fields.I can tell you now THIS INFORMATION is what they really like and what they can really use.Adding this information to their own Art has transformed it!What about an MMA Guy? Some people ask.So what is my usual reply listen, the top sports fighters in any combat sport are TOUGH TOUGH Guys who could beat most anyone on the street EASILY As long as that guy on the street plays by their rules!These are facts you cannot argue with.I am the first to admit that a tough, conditioned and trained combat athlete has the potential to be one of your worst nightmares in a real fight.But you know what?You can be their worst nightmare too!Just imagine what it will feel like toKNOWthatyou can hit HARDERthan a Professional Fighter outweighing you by up to 75lbs.Just imagine how confident you will feel whenyou know EXACTLY where to strike for the MAXIMUM effect sending the thug crashing to the floor unconscious.Utilising the principles in my systemyou will learn how to beat these guys.With extremely nasty, evil and life-changing techniques that are simply not trained for in a sporting Gym.[…]
Pressure Point Fighting Course Special Offer – Russell Stutely Online Gym

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