Privacy Bible: How To Escape All Surveillance

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Privacy Bible

VPN is a widely trusted privacy solution that allegedly hides your IP address. However, most VPN does not hide your IP address as they are subject to VPN leaks and DNS leaks, both of which expose your IP address and allow your ISP and other to at least log the all the websites you visit. This defeats the whole purpose of using VPN. VPN also encrypts your data to hide your activities from your ISP. However, the vast majority of companies operating virtual private networks rely on third-party ISPs, and these ISPs may have no scruples about turning over a record of all your surfing activities to your government are law enforcement without due process. Especially if the third party ISP is located in any of the Fourteen Eyes nations of the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Denmark, The Netherlands, Norway, Belgium, Spain or Sweden.This Book provides simple solutions to all the above problems, and many other issues as well.My Privacy Knowledge Is Above Expert-LevelConsidering the revelations of Edward Snowden, there is apparently a humongous conspiracy going on to take away all privacy from everyone worldwide. Numerous are the conspirators.Because I know that most of "The Experts" really are conspiracy insiders, I diligently scrutinize and test what they say and examine what their software programs are really doing behind our backs. I then use my above average intellect to create my own solutions and modify ineffective solutions presented by these entities until they are truly effective. Perhaps not all experts are conspiracy insiders. However, those that are not are more often than not too trusting of statements and software solutions presented by the insider experts to be discerning enough to scrutinize everything and think for themselves as necessary. They blindly support and give credit to the claims of the conspirators because the bad guys are wearing "Good" badges.My top-notch privacy solutions are in this book.Switch to foreign email providers. You need an email provider whose company and servers are both located overseas. It is possible for an offshore email provider to have servers in the US. In this case, all the powers that be have to do is go in and intimidate people where the servers are located to access your email (if they dont already have access to your account). Conversely, it is possible for an American company to offer email service that is located offshore. In this […]
Privacy Bible

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Make 75% Commissions Taking Your Privacy Back In The Post- Snowden Age. Privacy Bible Shows How Most Trusted Privacy Solutions Are Ineffective Or Hoaxes, And Provides Genuine Privacy Solutions.

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