Quilting Made Simple

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Quilting Made Simple

As a modern woman, Ive seen the roles of women shift and change dramatically. Often, when changes happen so quickly, we tend to disregard the values of the generations before us. Yet often they already knew what we are only now discovering! If only Id asked!!One of the discoveries more and more women are embracing is Quilting, and this page is about the modern Quilting Quest that I and thousands of other women are rediscovering today.If youve always associated quilting with little old ladies, be prepared to be shocked at what we were never taught about in school, and the incredible significance quilting represents to every woman today in fact, many of the societal advances made over the last 100 years for women AND men may have never come about as quickly if not for women stitching quilts! To show you what I mean,I have to tell you a bit about my own grandmother Grand.As a young girl I loved visiting my Grand, and one of my earliest memories is snuggling up with an old satin quilt in her bed. To me it was the plushest, most elegant thing I had ever seen.The best kind of sleep beneath Heaven above, is under a quilt, handmade with love.I still have it today, draped over Grands cedar bridal chest, and it still makes me feel loved and special and fills me with memories of our time together.I have a quilt that my grandmother gave me as a wedding gift 24 years ago. All of my married life it has been like getting a hug from grandma just to hold it. Ive always felt that a quilt (blanket) should be used, loved, and worn out.I learned quilting from Grand the way women handed it down for hundreds of years: organically, bit by bit. My Grand loved quilting with her lady friends, sometimes two or three times a week. When I got to go with I never felt babysat. I was part of her world, of her circle of friends! We chatted together, they let me cut squares of cloth and later let me join in the needlework with them easy enough for even a small girl. I treasured our time together, and our quilting was an invaluable experience we shared.While learning this way is wonderful, in todays world we dont have years to spend learning new techniques and skills. We want no we NEED information that is specific, detailed enough to use, and can be absorbed quickly. As Ill share with you in a few moments, these are the reasons that later inspired me to create possibly the FASTEST way to learn this amazing skill: my Quilting Made Simple! Video Training Series.Quilting For Todays Woman A[…]
Quilting Made Simple | QUILTING QUEST

Quilting Made Simple

If You Can Sew A Straight Stitch You Can Make A Quilt! A True Beginner Even A Non-quilter Can Make Their First Quilt. Just Imagine Viewing A Set Of Step-by-step Video Instructions For Making Your First Quilt. As You See These Perfectly Clear Direction

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