Reform Your Dog

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Harness the Genius Inside of You AND Fix Your Aggressive DogThis is not ONLY a way to start taking control of your dog’s aggressive behaviour problem (and maybe even start a new romance with another dog owner) …. This is a way to feel validated…. Because when, with the help of this amazing Program, you discover the answers to your dogs problem(s), YOU are tapping into YOUR OWNuniqe creative genius…. A power that you can use time and time again. And I can’t stress to you enough how satisfying that feels. Especially if you’ve ever been told off for making simple mistakes…when all you’ve been doing is learning. That is, experimenting with one of your ‘tools’…to see what happens. I mean, just imagine what it would be like to reclaim your bed or your sofa as your own WITHOUT your dog growling at you…. And to be able to walk with your dog past other dogs in a FRIENDLY sociable NORMAL kind of way… And imagine being able to do all this….If You’re A Mom And Own A Dog You’ll Know How Devasted I Felt… And how embarassed I was when my fox terrier bit a little girl on the arm one day. My son had come to visit so we decided to go for a walk on the beach. We took my fox terrier Zac with us. It started out okay. I love the smell of the sea, the sound of the waves and the gulls squawking above. I was listening carefully to what he was saying …and just lost track of where my dog was. Then I heard a blood curdling scream, and I swung around to see where it was coming from .. There was a little girl who had been playing in the sand with her Dad. I could see two purple marks on her upper arm. And there was my dog standing nearby. I put one and one together. I rushed up to say "I’m sorry!" and to see what I could do to help….. …..only she just yelled even louder. So I put Zac back on his leash and we made a hasty retreat back home. I wish that I had seen what had happened. From then on I vowed to put him on a lead wherever children were playing. Also to warn parents about my not so cute at times fox terrier. And that was that for a while. But then things got even worse……. He disgraced himself again. Only this time with another dog….. We met each other on the beach one day. Willoughby’s owner had him on a lead and I had let Zac off his. We walked past them and that’s when my dog launched himself at the St Bernard….in full attack mode. And latched his teeth onto the skin over that big furry black and brown chest. I couldn’t understand why[…]
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