Reiki Solas® Online Reiki Training

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Reiki Solas Online Reiki Training & Distant Attunement

Reiki Solas is an advanced form of energy channelling that’s used for self-purification and spiritual development. The focus of the training begins with self-healing. This is to help create the mental and emotional balance needed to prepare you for your journey.The material covered in Reiki Solas includes practices from a number of Reiki traditions, as well as advanced practices used in Kundalini Yoga. Reiki Solas Levels 3 & 4 may also be purchased for a ‘one-time-only’ discount of 94% once you’re on the course order form page.Reiki Solas is more than just a system of healing. It’s a tried and tested means of expanding awareness and Consciousness to allow you to advance spiritually. Consisting of 17 hours of HD video lectures, articles and guided meditations, Reiki Solas will reveal to you the secrets of achieving true peace as the Love within your heart illuminates your path forward![…]
Reiki Solas® Online Reiki Training & Distant Attunement

Reiki Solas® Online Reiki Training & Distant Attunement.

Achieve Real Spiritual Growth Under The Expert Guidance Of Yogi Ricky Mathieson & Get Attuned To Reiki Solas®. Includes 1on1 Distant Reiki Attunement, Over 17 Hours Of Hd Video Lectures, Articles, & Meditations! Get 60% Commissions & 50% Upsell Commission

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