Screamingfingers Guitar Lessons.

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Screamingfingers Guitar eBook | Guitar lessons for advancing guitar players

WARNING…! DON’T SPEND ANOTHER SECOND PLAYING GUITAR UNTIL YOU’VE READ THIS! NOW YOU CAN DISCOVER THE AMAZING AND CLOSELY GUARDED SPEED PICKING SECRETS OF THE PROS. NEVER BEFORE HAS THIS IMPORTANT, REVOLUTIONARY, LEGEND-MAKING INFORMATION BEEN REVEALED… Listen to this 45 second announcement! …you’re standing in front of a crowd of 100,000 screaming fans, you break into a mind-numbing, spine-tingling guitar solo at such a blistering speed you pass warp drive… …every performance is filled with members of the opposite sex throwing themselves at your feet, begging to be your toy… …guitarists around the world dream day and night of being You … …the pros who used to be your guitar idols, are now your friends and idolize You … But wait…! That’s Just The Beginning! …record labels and producers offer you millions just to sign record deals with them… …your music’s so hot, that your face is on the cover of every music & guitar magazine from America to Australia …you have so much money, — that you own a multi-million dollar estate in Beverly Hills. Your driveway is filled with Porsches, Lamborghini’s, Ferraris, a super-stretch limousine, and even a custom designed touring bus … …And that’s not all, every wall in your home is filled with gold and platinum records, and every music award imaginable. If this is a dream you have, then there is one book in the entire world that can help you achieve this dream. When you’ve got millions of dollars in the bank … any dream you have, no matter how wild, crazy, or off the wall it seems, can come true. Not to mention the fact that you’re doing what you love the most … playing your GUITAR for a living! Like I said, there is one book that can make all your dreams come true. It’s called . All Musicians And Guitarists Start Somewhere… Including the pros, but… not one single guitarist had this amazing book of secrets. Because no such guitar book of its kind has ever existed. Sure all the pros bought guitar lick books, but those guitar books teach you licks, not how to play at such dizzying speeds that it makes your head spin.. It has taken every professional 5, to 20 years to gain the brain exploding speed they now possess. Why Did It Take Them So Long? It’s quite simple … no one has ever discovered all the techniques needed to obtain lightning-fast speed, and then put it into easy to understand english. No one has ever taken the time to study the styles of hundreds of super fast guitaris[…]
Screamingfingers Guitar eBook | Guitar lessons for advancing guitar players

Guitarists, play lead guitar like a pro! Learn how to systematically increase your guitar picking speed without practicing and performing your mistakes. One Year Money Back Guarantee if your guitar playing doesn’t improve! guitar lessons and guitar books.

Screamingfingers Guitar E-book. Guitar Lessons For The Advancing Guitar Player!

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