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So, I used to work for a small but busy accountancy firm in New York City.Id been there forI even met my wife there and we now have 2 young children.I was just your typical average American guy living the dream right?Yeah right! If thats the American dream man it sucks!Crunching numbers every day was killing me.I felt like a zombie most days and dreamed of getting away and starting my life overbut you just cant do that when youve got a young family to support and a mortgage and all the other bills and crap that you have to deal with.then one day I just flipped.My boss had just dropped another huge pile of invoices on my desk and I screamed a few obscenities at him I cant remember exactly what I shouted but it wasnt nice really it wasnt.So I got myself fired.I went home and told my wife and we had one hell of a fight.I told her not to worry and that I would find a way to make some money quickly and legally.What the heck are we going to live on?How are we going to manage paying the bills?Believe me theres no better motivator for finding a way to make money quickly than when youve just lost your only source of income and have a family to feed.I spent most nights on my laptop searching the Internet for a way to make moneyIn my free time I started to read a lot and got reading a very interesting book on global trade wars.It was fascinating, especially when I read into the history of commerce, in particular Silk Roads history.Silk Road was a phenomenon and its effects still plays a pivotal role in our daily lives today.It is also the reason why China is a global powerhouse when it comes to ecommerce.In the western world we are programmed to believe that we are the powerhouse and all the money and power rests with us right?The only reason some of the global conglomerates are making so much money on a global basis is because of the Far East and Silk Roads origins.Look at the majority of the biggest fashion and technology brands out there.They also are benefitting from theGiants like Apple and Amazon would not exist if it had not been for theAll of Apples products are made in the Far East and the profit margins there are ridiculous. In one quarter they boasted of generating an insanein sales.Amazon are now the biggest company in the world whos main business is ecommerce, in the way of people buying and selling consumer goods via their website.Last year they did overin revenue and where do you think that overof the products sold via Amazon were made?Yea you got it i[…]

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