Skinnyass To Badass

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Skinny Ass To BADASS

"Discover the SECRETS that turn skinny fat guys into RIPPED handsome looking badasses in LESS than 12 weeks so that you can earn the ALPHA male STATUS your women are craving!!!"I had a pretty AVERAGE life. I was wandering around in the sea of MEDIOCRITY.One day, I decided to try a gym facility near my dorm. My friend, Allie, was there. She was one of those hot girls. Any guy would kill to be with. Allie walked towards me. In my head, I thought I finally got some attention from girls since I lifted weight. Her comment about me changed my entire life. Kay, youre so skinny! My younger brother is stronger than you.After MONTHS Of Trying, I Still Looked The SameLater, I found out that those "experts" had been taking steroids to enhance their muscle growth. I didnt want to go that path because I didnt want to see my balls shrink. I injured myself several times.I spent HUNDREDSof dollars on medical bills. I was so disappointed that those investments I spent gave me absolutely NO RESULTS!! I was pretty much broke. The thoughtthatONLY guys with the right GENETICScould have that type of physique came to my mind again.I thought I was going to give up.But, I Didnt Want To Settle For A Life Of Mediocrity.On that day, my buddy M invited me to go out with him. I hadnt seen him in a while, but now he is a CELEBRITYin Thailand. I thought ha my friend used to be a really skinny fat guy too. Why is he a celebrity now? He started lifting after me, but he gainedmuscle so much quicker. I was shocked. So, I asked him Whats the secret of your gain? He replied, I am training with Mr. B. I thought…. hmmm…. Is he serious? He later introduced me to Mr. B. This guy trained many ripped magazine cover models….. all without steroids. I saw he was the real deal. The PROBLEMwas this guy didnt want to accept any more clients. I had to show up to the gym every day for weeks until I finally got to talk to him.I had no money but I begged and pleaded for Mr. B to train and teach me everything he knew about getting rid of my belly fat once and for all.I Was Pretty Scared At First…….He Asked Me ONE question…..I saidYES. I spent thousands of dollars just to train and discover all the secrets behind this. I was broke at the time and had to use ALL the money I earned from myshitty 9-5 job. I felt discouraged, but I knew the effort was worth it. I didn’t like the feeling of having puffy cheeks and a squishy belly. I didn’t want to be that guy who is like a fart in the […]
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