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You were smart – you left before the storm arrived, and before even the exodus began. However, you’re in an unfamiliar region. The road you’re on turns, and you’re faced with a major and complicated junction. The place names don’t really mean anything to you; you know which way you want to head in on a compass, but which way are you facing? Traffic is starting to build up behind you. You need to make a decision, and quickly. Can you do it?Let me ask you a question. Which way, on a compass, are you facing right now? 1 . . 2 . . 3 . . Time’s up. If you have an answer to that question, you’re rare. Could you answer that question in an unfamiliar environment under pressure?Your hiking expedition has gone wrong. You’re lost. The landmarks are unfamiliar; the trails are starting to be filled in with snow. If you make the right navigation decision, you’ll spend the night in front of a hot fire. If you make the wrong navigation decision, you’ll have one hell of a cold night. You know as well as I do just how dangerous hypothermia is.You’re in a third world city. It’s exciting, it’s also dangerous. The place you’re staying in locks its gates in the evening, and there’s a reason for it. You’ve decided it’s time to head back. Again, you’re disorientated.Now you could take out a mobile phone for navigation; you could take out a street map; or you could shout "Money, money, money, I’m a rich tourist and I’m lost and distracted."Or you could make some simple observations, and from that, re-orientate yourself, and head on in the right direction, without missing a step.Hi, I’m Antony Brush, I’m a software engineer, I’ve been a software engineer for over twenty years, I have an interest in navigation, astronomy and prepping. The most relevant part of my career as far as this is concerned has been in civil engineering, where geo-location was often involved, and many of these projects were also mission critical.Software engineering is basically problem solving. I’ve used these skills lately to look at the problem of navigating with little or no equipment. Why? Because relying on equipment introduces a risk.Let’s say you’re using a mobile phone. A mobile phone could be: out of battery, out of signal, lost, broken, stolen . . . .GPS systems – much the same, and if you use a GPS system for driving, you’ve probably noticed, they do freeze up on occasion, sometimes at inopportune moments.What about a compass? Well again, if for whatever reason you don’t have it with you[…]
Methods Of Navigation With Little Or No Equipment

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