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Healthy Eating Mindset 2 | Slendersize

Are you overeating because youre under a lot of stress? Do you sometimes feel out of control around sweets, carbs, and other bad foods? Have you been overweight for many years, even though youve tried so hard to change your eating habits? If so, then this is the day you can find FREEDOM from the pain, guilt, and frustration you live with every single day because you just cant eat healthy long enough to feel good and achieve your ideal body weight. If youre like so many men and women who struggle and fail at every attempt to eat healthy and lose weight permanently, the ups and downs of this path can be a disappointing, miserable life for you. And yet this is how millions of people live out their lives. The problem is, until now, there hasnt been a LASTING solution besides trying to willpower your way through diets and exercise plans which is extremely stressful and virtually everyone fails.Why is it that hardly anyone succeeds in getting healthy and losing weight , even when you try so hard? What you might not know is that your ability to eat healthy and control your weight has to do with your willpowerTheres no amount of calorie restriction or exercise that will help you become the healthier, slimmer, more well-balanced person you want to be for life you deal with the programming behind every thought and behavior youve been storing since the day you were born. You know those people who look so healthy and clearly LOVE to work out? Thats not willpower thats their . So please, stop blaming yourself because its not your fault. Theres something MUCH bigger than you thats influencing every bite you take. According to brain science, the decisions you make about eating are almost to you. Its like youre being ordered to eat poorly. In other words, youre not really in charge; your subconscious is. Its that little voice in your head. You know the one that tells you to sit down in front of the TV and eat the whole bag of chips, and you just cant help but DO IT? Your programming is the sole reason you think about food the way you do, and why you feel strong urges to eat crappy, which then makes you feel crappy physically and emotionally. But nowThis new audio technology is embedded with Isochronic tones and specific Brain Cueing messages that train your brain to have a stronger preference to eat healthy. Eventually, you may have no desire for bad food at all. The new Brain Cues are designed to change how you react to different foods and reverse the addictive powe[…]
Healthy Eating Mindset 2 | Slendersize

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