Slimming Protocol – Female Hormonal Slimming

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Hormone Trick Melts Fat

Since research revealed the importance of meal timing on female hormones in weight loss, weve been working on a nutritional timing and lifestyle system that achieves female body harmony in a matter of days.Its a system which so far has helped thousands of women to prime their fat-burning hormones, boost their energy, increase sex drive and even help memory and concentration.Laser focused research and analysis has shown that the following 4 step protocol below will work for almost any woman, any age, to burn fat, beat cravings, tone up muscles and boost sex drive.However, there is a catch.You’ll first need to be sure you’re not making the following 4 metabolic mistakes for this to work.The fact is that due to outdated nutrition advice from the 1970s, most people are making one of the following monumental mistakes that when it comes to priming these essential female hormones for weight loss.I know because I’ve been there myself and it took me 8 long years to finally work out why I could never get truly slim.Even gals with the best of intentions are experiencing metabolic damage due to these mistakes without even realizing it!So before you start the meal timing system below, PLEASE make sure you’re not making any of the following mistakes which can ruin your attempts at slimming:Look, restrictive dieting isnt just failing you and millions of others, its downright dangerous. And that includes the latest popular fad: low carb diets. While avoiding carbs and calories for a couple of weeks will see you lose a few pounds, youll eventually start to suffer from fatigue, low energy, impossible sugar cravings and eventual rebound weight gain after a few days or weeks. Does anybody really want that? Once you start to starve your body or calories and essential carbs, your thyroid drops down to lowest gear, into survival mode and stops burning fat.The strangest advice I see in the mainstream media these days is that you must only eat carbs in the mornings or for lunch and never at night in order to lose weight because you can "burn off the excess calories by moving around all day". This harmful myth has been circulation for far too long and it’s about time we put an end to it. Nearly everyone believes this fairy tale but in fact its very existence is currently making it much harder for millions to lose weight. Eating carbs early in the day causes a sharp spike in insulin, up and down blood sugar, uncontrollable cravings, sleepiness and brain fog throughout the […]
Hormone Trick Melts Fat | Gene X Weight Loss

Ruthie Wilson, Body Enhancement Specialist Dear Health-Conscious Friend, You’ve been lied to for years. If you believe what you

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