Social Smartness: Why People Act The Way They Act

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Social Smartness – why people act the way they act

If you want to know:Then keep reading, because this course will change your lifeThis course is based on the MBTI Test (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator), the most thoroughly researched and validated personality test in the world, with applications in:Using the results of this test (your diagnosis), this course will offer all you need so that you can develop your personality to its maximum potential!I could tell you that:And I wouldnt be far from the truth.This course will teach you clairvoyance skills. You will understand the internal reasoning behind your actions and those of the people around you and you will receive the tools needed to consolidate your personality and your social relationships.This training will help you:1. Identify your MBTI pattern once and for allHere I will present each type of personality, with relevant examples and detailed explanations so that you can know for sure what type of personality you have. At the end of this module you will identify your MBTI pattern once and for all. On your way toward personal development, you will know your qualities and your flaws and focus on what you need in order to achieve excellence.2. Understand the personality of others (+ 4 practical exercises)In this module, for 4 days, you will receive exercises that will help you develop the skills you need to be able to tell the type of personality of those that you interact with. After these 4 days you will be able to guess the personality of others in the first few minutes of interaction. After only 5 minutes spent in someones company, you will be able to figure out if theyre a dreamer or an achiever, if they like to meet new people or if they like to read, how to determine them to act and what makes them tick. You will learn how to talk to your boss if you want to ask for a pay raise, as well as how to mediate conflicts and improve your relationship with those around you. You will be able to understand their needs and even speak their own language.Each type of personality has certain stressful situations that it must deal with. In this module you will learn how to manage your stressful experiences. Are you stressed at work? Are imminent conflicts a constant source of frustration? Do you need solutions to reduce emotional tension? Read this module carefully!4. How to change your personality type (+ 4 practical exercises)In this module you will learn the answer to the question: How do I change my personality type?. You will learn applicable techniques from m[…]
Social Smartness – why people act the way they act — Social Smartness – why people act the way they act

How to act better, faster and smarter when you need to

Course On Communication And Personality Typologies. This Course Was Created With Love And Dedication By A Trainer. It’s Focused On Providing Value And Support To Students.

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