Starting Strands

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Starting Strands

Would you believe me if I said that the best tool for building up your tendons for the rigors of fighting is a piece of speargun tubing?The Herculean strongmen of the late 1800s and early 1900s trained using expanders with steel springs, some of which weighed in at well over 300 pounds resistance.Books were written. Volumes were published. But most all of it fell away.The secrets of the cable-clad strongmen have all but disappeared into obscurity.That is why I took it upon myself to dig these secrets up, and formulate them into one tightly-knight package capable of taking your strength from zero to Alfred Danks in less than six weeks.What equipment do I need?You need a piece of surgical tubing, a band, a chest expander, or a piece of speargun tubing.All of which can be had for a mere pittance. Even a very quality chest expander can be had for less than $100 dollars.Is this seriously all I need to get super strong?It depends. If you want to put up big numbers in the power lifts or the Olympic lifts then you will probably need a barbell.But if you are a fighting man, or woman, then all you need is a piece of rubber cable and your own body weight to forge an immaculately resilient physique.CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE for just $7.I know what youre thinking. No way. There is no way that a piece of surgical tubing will make me better in life, better on the mat, or better looking without clothes.But Im here to tell you that it will do all that and more.I guarantee it. In fact I am using ClickBank to guarantee it.If you find that my supremely simple system does not work, then you can return my book for exactly what you paid for it. No questions asked.Heres the thing. I probably dont even need to put in that guarantee becauseyou will get brutally strong on my system within a few weeks.It is that easy.Is there something youre not telling me?Besides the fact that I poured my heart and soul into the book, I also included many resources so that you could ultimately build your own strand program.But dont let me sell you on the book.I want you to run down this list and decide if Starting Strands is right for you.Are you a fan of abbreviated routines that save you time and mental RAM?Are you tired of training programs that devolve into robotic sets and reps?Are you a fan of Original Strength?Have you practiced isometrics before?Would you like to possess wiry strength?Do you want to feel refreshed after your workouts?Are you crazy enough to get strong as an ox with a piece of r[…]
Starting Strands

This Book Details Effective Strength And Conditioning Principles Using A Chest Expander, Or A Piece Of Rubber Tubing. It Is Perfect For Martial Artists And Business Men Alike.

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