Stinger Self-defense Tactical Pen

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Ive spent years researching, reviewing, and perfecting EDC kits for every scenario imaginable and this by far is one of the most useful tools I have EVER come across (and its so discrete that youre the only one that knows youre carrying it).It is your right and your responsibility to protect yourself and your loved ones. NO MATTER WHAT.And as much as it pains me to say this carrying a gun or a knife is not always a viable optionI dont like it but its the truth.But it doesnt have to be YOUR truthWhat if there were a single, simple, personal protection tool you could legally carry virtually anywhere and everywhere you go?One you could carry on college campus in a courthouse or any number of highly secure buildings?What if it was so simple to use and easy to master that anyone regardless of age, sex, or physical state could use it to defend themselves from someone twice their size?Its one that I personally carry every single day and so do my family members and closest friendsI carry it regardless of if Im wearing jeans and a t-shirt or a three piece suit and NO ONE could ever tell I have it on me.Its is a tool that 007 would be proud to carry, and right now you can get one too.[…]
Stinger Spy Pen Blue

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