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Start Stock Market Trading With My Mathematical Method – BetaTrades

I have always been fascinated by mathematics since I was little. I see numbers everywhere. Where others see shapes, colors or even music, I see mathematical formulas. My skill and passion for numbers has helped me win math contests as well as chess championships ever since I was 3. Three years ago I started developing a mathematical method for investing in the US stock market I have been testing it and adjusting it for the last 18 months. It works. My net profit last year was 884%. Being good at math has helped me earn money, now I want to build up a name and reputation. I will share my trades with 300 people for 12 months. I will post my trades online and I will give every member an ID and password so they can have access to all of my trades anytime, anywhere. I will also send trade alerts whenever I plan to buy or sell so they can copy my trades. After 12 months I will have built a name and 300 people will have grew their wealth. A friend first introduced me to the stock market three years ago. I had always heard people talking about the stock market on the news and stuff but I didnt really know exactly what it was and how it worked so I started to do some research. When I fully understood what the stock market is and how it works, the first thing I thought to myself was: it cant be that hard to make money out of the stock market, so I started doing what I know best and what I like the most: math. I started to become more and more familiar with the stock market every day. I studied Ichimoku, Fibonacci, MACD, Gann, the Elliott wave and a few other technical analysis methods. I also studied portfolios from all over the world (including the US, UK, Germany, Hong Kong, Switzerland and even China stock market) and then, after a few months, I started developing my own investment method. After 18 months of sharpening it and 884% of net profit last year I can finally say: it works! Why do people lose money on the stock market? The Most Common Mistakes of the Average Trader While designing my method, I had the opportunity to interact with many traders. A few were making money here and there, but most of them were consistently losing money, and the more they lose, the more frustrated, stressed and upset they get (let alone the feeling of guilt after losing money). But why do people lose money on the stock market? I have identified a few reasons why most people lose money in today’s stock market: The average trader: Guesses when to enter or exit a trade […]
Start Stock Market Trading With My Mathematical Method – BetaTrades

Start stock market trading✓ with my mathematical method. I made a net profit of 884% ✓ in 2016 using my method. Only in BetaTrades✓ .

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