Super Confidence: 10 Steps To Achieve It!

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Confidence e-book – Life & Business coaching

Self-confidence is the first thing you need to succeed in any area of your life (either personal or professional). Lack of self-confidence, may lead you to face difficulties such as:- Approaching new customers- Talking to people you like / are important to you- Giving a public speech- Asserting your rights in a relationship- Starting up new things- Attracting the right people in your lifeIf you are facing challenges like these, you may in the end settle for less in life, thus not taking benefit of your talents and abilities and not gaining enough satisfaction. Moreover, you may work hard, put all your efforts (in a job or a relationship) for too little results.Furthermore, you may quite often procrastinate important things, because of fear of failure or the unpleasant feelings of rejectionOn the other hand, you may have noticed people in your environment (schoolmates, colleagues, friends etc.) who are obviously less talented, less knowledgeable, skilled, qualified, or good-looking than you, earning more money, having a better relationship, being more likeable and more popular. You may get angry at them or even jealous of their successYou see, some people are more successful because they are just more confident!..Here, you should be aware of a common misconception: we may think of self-confidence as being something fixed, a trait which cannot change, as for instance, the color of our eyes (green, brown, blue etc.). In fact, self-confidence is not a stable characteristic! Rather, it is a skill which can be learned and improved by practice!Self-confidence varies within days, weeks, months or years; when we accomplish something successfully or been appraised by a person we respect, our self-confidence increases. On the contrary, when we face adversities which we cannot handle or we are been criticized negatively, our confidence drops. Hence, the same person experiences different levels of self-confidence in different moments of his/her life.So, if self-confidence is not something stable, the next question would be how we can alter it. This is exactly the essence of the e-book SUPER CONFIDENCE: 10 STEPS TO ACHIEVE IT! where you will find practical things you can apply to boost your self-confidence.You will learn how self-confidence is actually formed and how it changes, what factors affect it; what are the mechanisms of self-confidence or, if you prefer, its main ingredients.In addtion, you will learn how to improve critical aspects of your communication, so that you can hone your interpersonal skills, gain more control of your interactions with other people, and become an influential person in your environment.Specifically, in this e-book, youll find answers and techniques on how to:o Set your own goals and move forward in your lifeo Communicate effectively and comfortably with peopleo Assert your rights in a relationshipo Become a more charming and charismatic persono Gain emotional independence and freedomo Use body language to convey confidenceo Look better and feel better!Change is a matter of decision; we can modify a lot of things if we just take the decision to act and to improve our skills. As Jim Rohn (the eminent personal development guru) saidDont wish things were easier, wish you were better!And the first step towards self-development is learning how to improve your self-confidence and working on it in a systematic manner.Now you can have it for only 20 HOW TO BECOME MORE CONFIDENT IN BOTH YOUR PERSONAL PROFESSIONAL LIFE IN 10 EASY TO APPLY STEPS!100 page e-book, immediately downloadable in .pdfprice:20USD onlyIn SUPER CONFIDENCE: 10 STEPS TO ACHIEVE IT! you will discover simple yet valuable truths which will help you move forward in your life and come closer to the realization of your desires. We all wish to improve things in our life, achieve more, put our plans in action; yet, we are often blocked by our inner doubts, insecurities and low self-confidence, thus we abandon our dreams and compromise with the mediocrity imposed by our limitations.This e-book is written by an experienced life coach who has worked with a lot of people on similar issues, thus having an in-depth knowledge of the subject; in fact, by studying the book you will get accumulated information which otherwise would be difficult to find and collect or/and youd have to pay a significant amount of money in coaching sessions. Now, you can get all this stuff for a fraction of this cost! It sounds like a pretty good deal, doesn’t it?YOUR GUARANTEE: You will find this e-book absolutely useful and valuable towards the improvement of your self-confidence and the progression of your goals! Although, in case that you are not completely satisfied (for whatever reasons -no questions asked), you can get 100% of your money back within 60 days of your purchase. Thus, you can order the book and take your time to study it, without any risk. So, GO AHEAD ENJOY!
Confidence e-book – Life & Business coaching

All You Need To Know To Boost Your Self-confidence In Any Area Of Your Professional Or Personal Life! Written By George Profetis, An Accomplished Life Coach With 20+ Years Of Experience.

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