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What do they do? Swannies Blue Light Blocking Glasses improve the quality of your sleep by filtering out harmful artificial blue light from electronic devices that shuts down your bodys natural melatonin production and disrupts your sleep. Swannies also prevent eye damage from excessive screen use as well as symptoms of digital eye strain such as sore eyes, headaches and fatigue.Innovative lenses filter out blue light on the visible wavelength spectrum that has been proven to disrupt sleep. The lenses allow all other light to be transmitted, leaving you free to watch TV and use electronic devices without negatively affecting your body clock.How are your glasses different from other cheaper blue blocking glasses? Many blue blockers on the market are yellow-tinted glasses or ballistic safety goggles that provide a small amount of protection against blue light. Swannies Blue Light Blocking Glasses and Computer Eyewear are FDA registered and have been extensively researched, designed and manufactured specifically to block blue light, particularly the specific wavelengths proven to suppress the body’s natural production of melatonin, the sleep-promoting hormone. Swannies are also made with top quality acetate frames with spring hinges and top of the line CR-39 lenses with anti-glare coating on both front and back. We’re confident you won’t find better quality blue light blocking glasses on the market.Blue light has a very short wavelength, and so produces a higher amount of energy. Studies suggest that, over time, exposure to the blue end of the light spectrum could cause serious long-term damage to your eyes. Wavelengths are measured in nanometers (nm).You will notice an immediate reduction in digital eye strain when using Swannies with digital devices. It can sometimes take at a few nights before you notice greatly improved sleep.Why is the lens orange? Is it available in other colors? The lens is orange to help filter out harmful blue light. This is the only color that is effective.When should I wear them? We recommend wearing Swannies Blue Light Blocking Glasses any time your are using digital devices such as phones, tablets, computers or TVs for extended periods. This will prevent digital eye strain. We strongly recommend wearing your Swannies at least one hour before bed to stop artificial blue light disrupting your sleep. Some customers report better results putting the glasses on even earlier before bed.[…]
Swanwick Sleep

Swanwick Sleep is the home of quality sleep and health products.

Swanwick Sleep Is The Home Of Quality Sleep And Health Products.

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