Swole System – Build Size, Strength And A Lean Athletic Body

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AMP-ed – Look Like an Athlete… Lift Like a BEAST!

If you want to become a complete stud in the gym with more muscle, less belly fat, the strength of Hercules and the power of an elite athletethen keep reading. This might be the most important piece of information you come across today. You see, for years I’ve been training guys to get big, strong and athletic. But recently, I’ve come across something at my gym here in Florida that has the skinniest dudes transforming into walking mountains of muscle. But thats not all… These same guys are also burning fat and developing freakishly conditioned physiques at the SAME TIME!I Wasn’t Always This Lean, Athletic, and CONFIDENT… I had no attention paid to me from girls. I was unconfident when playing sports, and ultimately had little sense of self-esteem or self-worth.. As a matter of fact, I can close my eyes to this very day and remember the single most embarrassing and soul crushing point of my life. It was the day I discovered that I was the ONLY guy in my class not invited to the end of year party that was being thrown by the girl that I had a huge crush on. That moment stings to this day, but it set off a fire in my belly that propelled me straight into the gym for that entire summer. I did everything by the book when it came to training and diet over that summer and saw crazy results.That first day of school the next year, I was different. I went from short, weak and chubby to the strongest, most jacked, and well conditioned athletic machine in my class.. Now this improved my self-image and confidence, but there was a problem I was so strict with my training and diet, that I missed my freedom. You know, freedom to hang with your friends, eat pizza, go out and enjoy some drinks This problem led to what I call ‘Phase Two': How to "Have Your Cake and Eat It Too" Ultimately I had to create a plan that would allow me to keep seeing gains in the gym without sacrificing the moments in life that everyone should enjoy. And thats what brings me here today. I want you to realize you can train smarter with less time in the gym and eat like a normal person, yet look and perform like an absolute beast!Train In These Metabolism Zones for MAXIMAL GAINS in Lean and Athletic Muscle Now if you truly want a head-turning transformation, keep reading because what you just read about your bodies metabolism and what that means to your training is just heating up! Now, here’s where things get really interesting and kind of controversial. While training all of these at[…]
AMP-ed – Look Like an Athlete… Lift Like a BEAST!

May 2012 – The New Authority For Building Size, Strength And A Lean Athletic Body Is Finally Here. Expect Big Commissions.

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