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Technology. It can be a blessing or a curse, depending on how you look at it.For todays generation (known as digital natives), using computer programs like Microsoft Office, Microsoft Word or even online platforms like Twitter or even Gmail are effortless and easy.But for some of us who may be less tech-savvy (men and women aged 45+ known as digital immigrants) or those who consider themselves complete tech newbies, technology can be an uphill battle and a struggle.You may want to learn how to use your desktop computer or a new smartphone or tablet, and the programs on it or the Internet, but you have no idea what to do.What you need are the COMPLETE BASICS.The biggest obstacle in your way when it comes to learning and understanding the most practical uses of todays technology is one thing: FEAR OF SCREWING SOMETHING UP!At first glance, trying to setup an online Gmail email account, making your first FaceTime or Skype call or figuring out how to play a Netflix show on your television can feel like trying to solve the worlds biggest mystery.And trying to get started using very helpful computer programs like Microsoft Word, Excel or even PowerPoint can seem practically impossible.[…]
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