That Diabetes Documentary

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That Diabetes Documentary

For most people, it might make perfect sense that a diet high in sugar is the culprit behind diabetes. But the truth isn’t that simple.Diabetes is essentially the body’s inability to produce insulin, a hormone that removes the glucose from your bloodstream and passes it to your cells and organs.Normally, your pancreas should be able to make enough insulin to do the job. But poor lifestyle choices (which involves processed food and a sedentary daily routine) leads you to overconsume calories you don’t end up burning. This stresses out your pancreas to make more and more insulin to keep up with the excess glucose. But eventually, your pancreas gets damaged and stops working.As insulin production grinds to a halt, blood sugar levels spike to dangerous levels, causing a cascade of complications. Harmful fats called triglyciderides will build up and throw off your hormonal balance. This leads to overeating which will compound the problem even more.[…]
That Diabetes Documentary

That Diabetes Documentary Provides You With The Tools And Resources To Push Back Against This Terrible Trend.

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