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Ill never forget when she told me this story It was the EXACT moment I figured out the missing piece of the puzzle that I am gonna teach you today. Heres the full storyShe walked into my gym, early in the morning with a look of shame on her face. I knew she had done something bad but something about her expression intrigued me. She looked guilty but confused.I said to her, Ok What happened?As a seasoned fitness and diet professional, I had spent the last 7 months teaching her how to transform her body through changing her diet and workouts. She wasnt my first case either Far from it In fact, as Ill prove to you in a sec, Ive had my hand in over 500 in person body transformations and over 11,000 people depend on me for exercise and nutrition advice through my online communities daily.But Her response to my question shook the foundation of all of my expertise as a fitness professional and changed my focus and approach for good. Heres what she saidHas this or a similar situation ever happened to you?Dont lie to yourself and pretend that youve never experienced this. Weve all had moments of weakness where bad choices are made in a split second, right? But As youll soon discover This may not be your fault!!You see After hearing the story above, it was like the missing piece of the body transformation puzzle fell into my lap. Until that moment, it had fallen on deaf ears but as the saying goes, when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. I was ready and this was the sudden realization I hadRegardless of what you know is the right thing to do, your daily habits, the things you do without thinking, are what make you who you are today and determine who you will become days, weeks and months from now.I had to know why this was happening, so I dove head first into the research and found something powerful Nerves that fire together, wire together. This theory, which has since been proven as 100% accurate changed my life! They were first written by Donald Hebb, PhD in his famous 1949 book The Organization Of Behavior.Hebb, born into a family of medical doctors, originally started out as a teacher, where he became known for his innovative approach to helping troubled students to change by making subtle shifts in their habits and behaviors.Even though he was met with much success early on in his education career, Hebb soon became fed up with the constraints placed on him from the educational officials. In his own words, he said that he was, defeated by the rigidi[…]
27 Habits

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