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Acid Reflux sl cb case study | Blue Heron Health News

So, you thought your acid reflux was just innocent annoyance? my doctor asked.Then, looking me straight in the eyes, he addedI wasnt sure if the pun was intended.My wifes shivering hands squeezed mine as tears ran down her chin.Dont worry. Well get through this, she sobbedmaybe more to convince herself than me.Only one thought circled through my mind: Im too young to die!Yes, heartburn makes your life miserable. It robs you of sleep, ruins your meals, and embarrasses you with burp and gas outbursts in the worst places.At worst, you fear ulcer, which is, of course, horrible.But death you dont expect that!If you frequently suffer heartburn, you should, however, prepare for the worst.Not being able to sleep that night, I googled the health risks of acid reflux.Recent studies prove that acid reflux is the number one cause of not just one or two, but SIX types of fatal cancers (4).Sum it all up, and youre 1345% more likely to get one of these six cancers than does a person who doesnt suffer heartburn.One thousand, three hundred, and forty five percent.Millions of people die every year because they dont take their heartburn seriously enough.And there I was, ready to be another name on a grave.It wasnt my fault, really!Ill explain in a second how I finally got rid of my acid reflux using a simple home remedy that takes only four or five minutes to make.You most likely have all the ingredients sitting in your kitchen. So, if you want, you should be able to take the first sip within 10 minutes from NOW.But with what I knew then, I couldnt have done much differently!Like most people suffering heartburn, I was loading up on proton pump inhibitors (PPI), medications thinking they were safe.Well, they are not.According to a study from Washington University in St. Louis, PPI drugs increase your risk of dying within a year by a terrifying 50% (1).Another study published in the Journal of the American Heart Association (2) proved that PPI pills drastically increase your risk of stroke.And, in a new study from the University of Hong Kong and University College London published in the peer-reviewed journal Gut (6), these same drugs were found to double your risk of stomach cancer.Maybe worst of all: They also double your risk of kidney disease.Hey, I can live with stomach ulcers, but I cant live without my kidneys or stomach.Other heartburn medications, such as antacids and H2 blockers (such as Tums and Zantac), may or may not be a little bit safer. However, numerous studi[…]
Acid Reflux sl cb – case study | Blue Heron Health News

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