The Algorithm Diet

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Weight Loss Program by Kevin McMillian

Do you find it hard to stick to your diet or exercise plan after a while? Have you ever been committed to losing weight in the past but fallen short? Probably. And if youre like the rest of us, its that you see this following breakthrough-research. Why? What if I told you that there is a strong chance that you are suffering from a condition that you have probably never even heard of? I realize thats a bold statement, but it turns out that losing weight and staying on track is actually simple. But only after your address the real problem. Has To Do With ItFruit has too much sugar At this very moment there is a force at work in your mind that is working against your body. Have you ever started your day off great only to watch it all unravel at the end? Maybe you had a healthy shake for breakfast and a salad for lunch but by the end of the day you completely derailed? As it turns out, thats very common. In fact, scientists have found that the later it is in the day, the worse it gets.[study 1] Its a phenomenon called Decision Fatigue[study 2] and its preventing you from making healthy decisions (even though you want to). Researchers believe that the average person makes more than 30,000 decisions each day and in a study [study 3] conducted at Cornell, they found that people make an average of 226.7 decisions per day about food. Thats rightResearchers at Cornell found that the average person makesAs you see, the real reason youve been unable to lose weight and keep it off is not your fault well, actually it is kinda your fault its youre brains fault. When you go on a diet even after just one day of making healthy decisions, youre pushing yourself closer to mental fatigue. Push yourself for a week, two weeks or even a month and youre all but guaranteed to fail.And while Im certainly no genius, I can attest to the powerless feeling of reaching the limit mentally and suffering from decision fatigue. Hi, Im Kevin McMillian, and.. Im going to tell you why getting a six pack was a complete waste of my time. Now, dont get me wrong it all started out great I dropped weight quickly. I started looking noticeably better. Even my clothes were getting looser by the day. I figured this whole fitness thing was going to be pretty easy. All I had to do was follow the workout and eat according to the plan and I would be set. I found a great workout program and followed it the letter. I added in the most effective dieting strategies that I knew of at the time. After a couple […]
The Algorithm Diet – Weight Loss Program by Kevin McMillian

Brand New Diet And Workout By Kevin Mcmillian. Kill Decision Fatigue And Make Weight Loss Automatic. Affiliate Tools Coming Soon – Optimizing Page Now!

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