The Ayurvedic Woman

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The Ayurvedic Woman

"When I was 34 years old, I was diagnosed with uterine fibroids.These are typically benign tumors, but because of their location and form, it was not possible to determine that they were non-cancerous from ultrasound alone. I was advised to have exploratory surgery so the doctors could get a closer look at them.I was raised mainstream in the US, my mother was a nurse, and I thought doctors knew everything, so I willingly signed up for the surgery. I asked that if the tumors were indeed non-cancerous that they leave the uterus in place. This was against the advice of the doctors and I had to sign several documents to this effect. I had no children at the time and was told the fibroids had probably interfered with my childbearing potential.They told me that it was unlikely that I would have children because I was already so old. They pointed out that if I wasnt going to have children that I didnt need a uterus. Still, I asked that they leave it in.After the surgery was complete I woke in the most intense pain of my life. They had cut through the abdominal muscles to access the tumors and I had both external and internal stitches. It would take me six weeks or more to be able to work, drive or even vacuum. I was relieved to hear that the fibroids were benign tumors, no cancer. In the next breath, I was told that they had left two fibroids in place. They said this was because removing them would have jeopardized the health of the uterus. They again told me that I should have simply had them remove the uterus. They predicted that I would have to come back in a year or two and have this surgery again and that time, they would take it out. I was distraught. I wasnt yet out of the recovery room and they were already booking my return.When I had recovered more fully I asked my primary doctor more questions about this. Why did these occur? What could I do to eradicate them so that I wouldnt need further surgery? What could I do to improve the health of my reproductive tract so that childbearing was possible?Each question was met with a shrug. He didnt know why they had occurred. For my age and the type of fibroids, it was anomalous. It was just one of those things that happens. For ridding myself of the ones left behind, he held out no hope. He said they would continue to grow and that I would need another surgery, though he couldnt say when. As to improving the health of my reproductive system, he looked at me with compassion when he told me that I was just to[…]
The Ayurvedic Woman

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