The Church Growth Kit: Everything To Know To Grow Your Church In 2019

The Church Growth Kit: Everything To Know To Grow Your Church In 2019 preview. Click for more details

The Church Growth Kit 2019

My name is Stephen Polk and I am a lead generation and Facebook Ads expert for churches and for the past three years, I have developed strategies that will help churches get more people through social media, and I want to share with you, EXACTLY how to get dozens and dozens of new visitors to your church in the next months. And I’m not just teaching this stuff, and I’m not, no pun intended, just preaching this stuff. I am actually doing this and seeing results from it.It’s a fact that church attendance is dropping at an alarming rate, and the traditional ways of promoting churches, such as radio, billboards, fliers, direct mail, postcards, email, signs, newspaper ads, and all this other stuff the JUST ISN’T WORKING ANYMORE! But churches need to focus on the ONE place where they can have an unlimited amount of people to visit their church, and that one place is Facebook.In this Church Growth Kit, I promise you, I will put all of the knowledge that I have learned in the past three years about Facebook and by the end of this, you will understand exactly how to reach tens of thousands of people on Facebook, make relationships with these people, and get DOZENS and DOZENS of new visitors to your church in 2019!This question pondersaround the globe, but theplace where your church needs to be doing outreach to your community, has been[…]
The Church Growth Kit 2019

Need to grow your church? This has everything that you need to get more people into your church in 2019!

I Teach Churches How To Reach Tens Of Thousands Of People Through Facebook, Get Them Into Their Services, Raise Thousands Of Dollars Through Fundraising, And Walk Them Step By Step On How To Do This. Thevalue Is $285, But They Get It For $47. 80% Discount

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