The Citizen Cannot Complain

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People are destroyed for lack of knowledge

Humanity is losing its struggle against oppression. There is a reason for this. Once you pledge allegiance to your globalist masters, you have no right to question, in court,that yourConstitutional rights are ignored. You pledged allegiance because you forgotbasic moral values. Many people are cunningly deceived into waiving their rights by legalities that they do not understand.Nave peoplecannot understand the ruthless betrayal by their own government that ensnares them into a lifetime of slavery.I want to tell you about my book that that should change your life. ImSteven D. Miller.1 Many of you know me from my essay on The Mark of the Beast prophecy. My new book The Citizen Cannot Complain will open your eyes. I want everyone to understand how they were tricked into participating in the world turmoil that has engulfed us.There are globalists that want a one-world government. To continue with their plans, they must overthrow all worldly governments. Your participation in their programs has legal consequences that prohibit you from prevailing against them in court. The U.S. Supreme Court said The citizen cannot complainThis book will change your life only if you are willing to lose your delusions and accept truths that will set you free. I willtell you your transgressions even if you dont like it. Actions speak louder than words. It isyour actions that will set you free or enslave you.Many ignorant people arecunningly deceived into waivingtheirGod-given rights. This is often done out of their respect for whatappear to be laws, but are in fact counterfeitrules deliberately createdby acorrupted some would say overthrown legislature.Throughoutthe Bible and throughout history, those who forgot traditional moral values are taken into captivity by brutal pagans. The same is true today. Those who avoid their responsibilities will lose their rights.Solomon said in Proverbs 4:7 (KJV) Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding.You forgot some simplefundamental moral requirementsfrom the Bible.You were notconquered by war. You were conquered by Collectivist central planners who are trained to cunningly deceive you. You were taken into captivity when you submitted to legalities you did not understand. Ignorance has always led to captivity. 2Abraham delivered us from Babylon. Moses delivered us from Pharaoh. Christ delivered us from Caesar. But this time youwill not be deliveredfrom the gods you have chosen. The Bi[…]
People are destroyed for lack of knowledge – Do Not Be Fooled by Government

Many People Are Tricked Out Of Their Rights By Legalities They Don’t Understand. People Are Destroyed For Lack Of Knowledge.

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