The Faithful Diet

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The Faithful Diet – How To Connect With God Through Eating

Want To Connect More With God?HOW TO EAT ACCORDING TO GOD’S WORDIntroducing… The Faithful Dietis the only diet based on Gods word. What did God want us to eat? How were we supposed to live? God has given us all the answers. There are 58 verses in the Old Testament about food, and thats just the Old Testament. This book uses the scriptures given to us by God to help us eat properly and maintain a healthy lifestyle. EatMORE than you did before you started to lose weight. Simply add the healthy fruits that God has granted to us in abundance… "ThenGod said,I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earthand every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food."Genesis 1:2…and our food is broken the most. The majority offood you will find in your supermarket contain ingredients so unnatural you cant even pronounce them. We live in an illusion of variety. Yet, 5companies produce nearly all the foods we are eating. What we should eat the least, we are told to eat the most. Food is no longer made to nourish people, its made to be profitable!What Would Jesus Say?"I’ve lost and I feel " See what our customers are saying about The Faithful Diet:They did it simply by following the formula of the Bible. More specifically codes behind the Bible that teach you exactly how to eat,when to eat, what to eat, and why to eat. And why to eat is probably the most important thing of them all. Your why is your motivation. Your why is what will keepyou from cheating on your diets, which is the number 1 cause of failure. Doctors are shocked and amazed when they see these results in their patients. They find it hard to believe that a book so ancient could contain the secrets to weight loss. A simple secretthat modern science hasnt even yet discovered. But thats exactly what this program is… A program from an ancient book, thatsway aheadof its time. Doctors are beginning to find the real God. They are beginning to see that HE has the real power in this world. That HE has the keys to health,happinessand miraculous weight loss… and the results ARE nothing short of miraculous.If you want God to take the wheel in your life, and achieve weight loss you never thoughtimaginable…Who Should Try TheFaithful Diet?If you answered YES to any of the following questions, then The Faithful Diet is for you. Even better, this diet program is flexible enough that it works well for men and women, regardless of their age, weight, or bo[…]
The Faithful Diet – How To Connect With God Through Eating

A diet book based on God’s way of eating. This could be the easiest diet to follow as there is no counting calories, limiting foods or exercise needed. Actually you can eat more than you are right now and lose weight, just by following God’s Word. The Faithful Diet was created by a Christian who has read the Bible numerous times to gain knowledge of eating according to God. He created The Faithful Diet as a way to spread the word of Christ and get people healthy again.

Good Conversion Rate, Did Great In Testing. 75% Commission. Niche: A Diet Book Based On God’s Way Of Eating/ Christian Diet Book.

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