The Forgotten Skill

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NEW!!! Now Available as PDF, Amazon Kindle & Paperback Book! I spent a summer weekend reading this book a blue cube of serenity whose serious and inspired author reminded me why I had the attitudes that I did, and why have I been sabotaging my own life, and he taught me how to move forward without relying on others, without blaming myself and with an open heart. Give it a try and you will have a very unusual experience, and maybe itll even be a turning point in the way you treat the only life you have, the responsibility for which is in our hands alone. Ljubica Uvodic Vranic professor of psychology and the bestselling author If youre looking for a clear, precise and a practical tool for making your dreams come true, then this book is for you! We are fortunate to be living at a time when the consciousness of the power of our minds is getting more and more attention, and there is a lot of literature dealing with the subject. However, even with so much information we are still unable to find just the right formula for ourselves. Tomislav has succeeded in doing just that: he gave us a formula for creating the life experiences that we want! You have before you a wonderful book, which youll always be happy to read again and to be reminded that, with the right formula, the power is in our hands! Inspiring, motivating, and very practical it is your GPS device to lead you to the life you want. Author of Ancient Keys of Joy & How To Increase Your Self-Esteem Have you ever heard how they train elephants at the zoo? It may seem strange that Im asking you this and maybe youre wondering what this has to do with the title of this page. But there is an important reason for this While the elephant is still very young, they use a chain to tie it to a metal ball or something else that is heavy enough to stop it from moving further. The elephant has complete freedom of movement within a certain radius, but if it wants to go further than that, the chain will stop it. At first, the elephant tries to free itself from this imposed limitation. It is eager to experience freedom, so it invests maximum effort and strength in trying to accomplish this. But as time moves on, the elephant begins losing hope and it loses confidence in its own ability and strength (in psychology, this phenomenon is called learned helplessness). Later, when the elephant grows up, it stops trying to move outside of the imposed radius. Even though the chains no longer hold the elephant and even […]
Discover The Art Of Consciously Creating Desired Experiences! Find Out How To Be Free From All The Limiting Beliefs That Are Stopping You From Finally Relaxing And Starting To Live Life Your Own Way!

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