The Hangover Survival Guide

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The Hangover Survival Guide

So you had a blast last night with your friends, but now you are waking back up to the real world and it’s happened again…HANGOVER! UGH! Worse than that you have to be at work in one hour! Your head is pounding, your stomach is turning like the sea, and you feel so dizzy you can’t even think straight. You are considering breaking every light in the house just so your eyes don’t have to deal with the pain. Your mouth is so dry and you feel so weak, you just want to go back to bed and wake up when it’s over, and then all of th sudden you feel it coming. Yep, your running to the restroom to up chug! That should help your headache! Does this sound like anything you have ever been through? Well, join the crowd. Hangovers: Everyone get them, and they all SUCK! I myself have had my fair share of waking up feeling like I might be part zombie, or just merely in the process of turning rather. :) I frankly got tired of dealing with it and I made it a point to go on a quest to find a cure for the crap. And what I found out was…Look, let’s be realistic here. Almost everyone is going to drink at some point. Whether it be a friend getting married, a party at a friend’s house, Christmas parties, birthday parties, to celebrate getting a promotion at work, or even if you LOST your job.At some point in time it’s going to happen and then you get the privilege of dealing with the profound pain of a stupid hangover.I personally would rather eat dirt than deal with a hangover. So as I was saying I went all out to gather all the little know stuff about dealing with this party pooper.I found a bunch of helpful things, and I found some things that were as useless as an ashtray on a surfboard. Some were really out there, crap I wouldn’t even TRY!But what I did find as I "experimented" was that there WERE things that prevented, helped, and cured hangovers!And when I say "experimented" with them, I mean my friends and I would go out and party hardy.So what I started to do was compile a list and created a report about hangovers to educate people and save them a lot of pain and suffering just because they wanted to have a little fun and get loose.With the information I have in this report, you could be as drunk as David Hasselhoff tearing up Sonic burgers and you would wake up feeling no effects from the night before; being able to go on about your life and complete everyday tasks.Without the secrets I have in this book I would’ve had a lot of painful mo[…]
The Hangover Survival Guide

This Life Saving Guide Could Mean The Difference Between A Great Night, Or A Great Night With A Hellish Morning. This Report Is A Cure-all For Anyone Suffering With Hangovers, Period!

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