The Killdiet Program – How To Stop Dieting And Start Living

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Why Behavior Psychologists Claim Dieting Does Not Work | KILLDIET

Imagine never worrying about your diet againAnd along with that, imagine eating your favorite foodswhile maintaining a lean, toned body.No more counting calories.No more tiny Tupperware meals.And never going hungry againYou would actually enjoy going out to dinner with your friends or indulging in dessertwithout the immediate guilt that follows.It would be like lifting a weight off of your shoulders, allowing youexperience all the best that food and drinkhas to offer… without getting fat.I know it sounds too good to be true. Like you’re about to hear one of those infomercials that promotes eating a pound of grapefruitfor breakfastto "trick" your body into burning more fat…I would have thought the same thing if I were you, until I stumbled upon the#1 reason that diets fail.Like many of my clients, I was a Serial Dieteralways trying the hot new diet program, hoping it would give me the results I wanted.I spent years struggling to lose fat and build muscle. The only way I was able to temporarily lose fat was through extreme calorie restriction. I avoided eating out, packed six meals per day in Tupperware bowls, and went to bed hungry every night.It was frustrating and depressing. And time consuming! After being chubby or skinny fat my whole life (picture below), I decided to take a break from the whole dietingthing.I stopped counting calories and quit the boring treadmill sessions. A few months later, I woke up one morning and was shocked at what I saw in the mirrorFor the first time in my life, my body-fat was low enough to reveal all 6 sections of my abdominal muscles I had achieved the Holy Grail of fitness: a6-pack.Before that moment, I didnt think having abs was even possible for me!Yet somehowwithout following any specific programI was in the best shape of my life.It was only after I threw everything I knew about nutrition out the window that I discovered the hidden enemy of sustainable weight loss.I want to tell you my storybecauseits something you can replicate to shed extra body fat and feel better than you ever have.To help understand how I did it, lets look at why almost all diet programs fail. And diets dont just failthey fail miserably.In fact, a study from UCLA showed that 83% of patients in a weight loss study gained back MORE weight than they lost from their initial efforts."You can initially lose 5 to 10 percent of your weight on any number of diets, but then the weight comes back…" said Traci Mann, UCLA Associate Pr[…]
Why Behavioral Psychologists Claim Dieting Does Not Work | KILLDIET

83% of dieters regain all weight lost. Discover the #1 reason why diets fail, and how to kick dieting to the curb.

Stop Dieting. Once And For All. Its Time To Reclaim Your Life. If You Are A Serial Dieter, Or Are Just Frustrated With Your Results From Restrictive Diet Programs, Killdiet Is For You.

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