The Mental Illness Handbook: A Guide For Professionals

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The Mental Illness Handbook

The Mental Illness Handbook is designed for the intention of treating individuals of a physical illness that is brought upon by psychosocial experiences.If you intend on assisting someone you know with such experiences, the button below will direct you to an order form, where you can enter your payment information.[…]
The Mental Illness Handbook

This scientific paradigm is provided with the incentive of classifying “mental illness” under the umbrella term of “medical conditions”. These illnesses do not fall under any known classification of diseases, and therefore, warrants its own documentation.

This Scientific Paradigm Is Provided With The Incentive Of Classifying "mental Illness" Under The Umbrella Term Of "medical Conditions". These Illnesses Do Not Fall Under Any Known Classification Of Diseases, And Therefore, Warrants Its Own Documentation.

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