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Migraine & Headaches Program

If you suffer from migraine or headaches, this will be the most important article you have ever read.My name is Christian Goodman. Im the author of the Natural Migraine and Headache Program.In this article Ill share with you the hidden cause of Migraine and headaches and how simple exercises can permanently eliminate this mysterious condition, in only a few days.What I discovered was so easy and simple, yet so powerful that it led me to create a program that cures even the worst cases of Migraine permanently.But before we get to the solution, lets look atThe traditional health care system has totally failed when it comes to migraine and headaches.Yes, they can give you pain killers that may work for a short period of time. And theyve developed some medication that in the long run actually worsens your problem instead of making it better.Doctors focused on Natural remedies and health researchers (like Yours Truly) have been a little bit more successful.We discovered a long time ago that ALL TYPES OF HEADACHES are caused by a few triggers. and a thousand other things that may act as a trigger on headaches and migraine.Everyone is effected by these triggers but it varies how much of these triggers are needed to create headaches.Some migraine patients suffer a horrible day after drinking only a cup of coffee. This is normal.But pretty much everyone will feel some kind of headache if they drink three liters of coffee in only ten minutes. Thats normal.This may be old news to you It goes without saying, it is not a simple task to figure out exactly what triggers your personal headache. It can take several months to map your triggers. Most people never get it completely done.And then you have to avoid everything that triggers you, if you do not want to suffer. This is close to impossible.What Ive discovered is that there is single trigger that is more powerful and more active in causing headache than any other trigger.Actually, youll probably only have to avoid this one trigger to completely avoid all headaches (and other migraine symptoms).What is this trigger? Glad you asked.Your brain is literally being starved for oxygen. Youre slowly, slowly being suffocated by your own body.Your headaches are caused by the veins and cells around your brain being swollen up, when your brain gets to a life threatening point of oxygen deprivation.It literally screams for oxygen and your body responds.As fresh oxygen is rushed to the brain, the veins swell up even more, putting […]
Migraine & Headaches Program | Blue Heron Natural Health News

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