The Miracle Baby Sleep System

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The Baby Sleep System

With the new MIRACLE Womb Simulation CDsTRY IT NOWWatch how it effects your baby!Heres what just one person had to say:For what its worth, Im a desperate parent with a baby that is a determined crier! I had to go back to work this week, and last night I just started crying because the situation was unbearable for all of us. This morning, I downloaded the mp3 BabySleep System and put it on right by her crib and put her down. Of course, she started crying. But I waited in the other room, determined to give it at least the five minutes. At minute four, it was totally quiet. Of course, I rushed in to make sure she was still breathing. She was! Fast asleep! This is a baby who would never sleep without being swaddled and binkied,To get your baby to sleep:Do you drive around the neighborhood? Do you run the vaccuum cleaner? Do you put your baby on top of a running dryer?THERE IS A REASON THESE DESPARATE TRICKS SOMETIMES HELP (a little)Because they simulate the WOMB (a little)They are only at the REAL solution.Remember your babys ears are well developed.The most profound memory they have of their safest environment is through THE SOUND.NOW YOU CAN SAVE YOURSELF ALL THE HASSLEand provide your baby with a soothing ambient musical soundtrack that will remind him INSTANTLY of the cozy, safe and peaceful environment OF THE WOMB!You will be amazed at how much easier and more peaceful your world will be!HERES WHAT YOULL RECEIVE IN THE MIRACLE BABYSLEEP SYSTEM(featuring the lush and deeply relaxing piano lullabies of legendary pianist, Jay Oliver The Miracle BabySleep System Sleep Through The Night Extended Soundtrack PDF INSERT with information, tips, and instructions and getting the best use of the systemEASING THE TRANSITION from Womb to WorldThe new world may be exciting and new,but when its time to sleep, your baby misses the SAFE and PROTECTED environment of> hes more relaxed closer to your tummy>he responds well to bouncing[…]
| The Baby Sleep System™

The Miracle BabySleep System™ Babies fall asleep FASTER and stay asleep LONGER… With the new MIRACLE Womb Simulation

This New Pediatrician-recommended Product Features A New Womb Simulation Audio MP3 Technology That Gets Babies To Sleep Quicker, And Stay Asleep Longer. So Successful, That Its Been Chosen For Ongoing Clinical Research In A Leading US Children’s Hospital.

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