The Practical Guide To Skin Care

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The Practical Guide To Skin Care

Discover The Secrets That Celebrities, Models, and Actors All Use To Create and Maintain Beautiful and Vibrant Skin Without The Use of Expensive CosmeticsNo matter how good we are in the inside it’s the way we look on the outside that people judge us by.Unfortunately in our quest for beauty we are often preyed upon by "skin-care professionals" who sell us products that don’t even work for us and chemical products that may even be harmful to our bodies.Is harming our own bodies worth the price of beauty?To prove my point let me tell you a story that one of my clients told me when she first met me.One day while my client was in a shopping center she noticed one of those mini-kiosks with skin care products from the "top-brands" in the industry.Out of curiosity, and from frustration with her acne problems she decided to check it out. She read the sign "Free Consultation" from afar so she believed she truly had nothing to lose.After being consulted with an expert dermatologist my client was told to sit down in a chair for a skin reading.The "expert dermatologist" strapped on some gloves and took out a "testing kit" to perform the skin evaluation.After 5 minutes of probing and touching her skin the dermatologist concluded that my client had moderate to severe acne and she recommended her company’s acne line as a solution.What happened next no one could have predicted…The "dermatologist" gave my client a sample-kit to test their line before committing to a purchase and my client decided to have the dermatologist use the sample kit right then and there.At first my client noticed a strange, burning sensation but the dermatologist assured her that was normal and it was simply the product "working it’s magic" deep into her pores.Shortly after the dermatologist wiped off the product off my client’s face and my client was free to go.15 minutes later my client started to scratch vigorously at her face and hives were forming out.She was having an allergic reactionFortunately my client ended up being okay, and when she first met me we set her up on a real skin regimen but the message is still the same.What Is The True Price to Pay For Perfect Skin?I am sure you’ve guessed by now that the "dermatologist" in the shopping center wasn’t even a real dermatologists.Did you know that over of those claiming to be a skin-care professional in these shopping centers and malls aren’t even legit.Why put […]
The Practical Guide To Skin Care

A Full Practical Guide To Skin Care By Experts This Ebook include all guide about skin care and specially made for all who really care their skin

The Secrets That Celebrities, Models, And Actors All Use To Create And Maintain Beautiful And Vibrant Skin Without The Use Of Expensive Cosmetics 50% Commission For Affiliates

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