The "i’ve Got An Idea & I Want To Take It Online" Program

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If you have a new idea for an online business and not sure how to get started, this will give you a nuts and bolts approach.If you have a new idea or a new business but not sure if you need to have a website or a social media account, then you’ll learn heaps around what and when to put your business online.The I got an idea’ and want to take it online program will give you all the tips, tricks and techniques of a professional digital strategist.I cover all the key things you need to think about when getting a business up and running online.The benefits of this program:You walk away with all of the following:You need more than a few ads and website to make things work we look at the practical implementation decisions you’ll need to make and give you all you need to make the best decision for you.The program is an intense learning experience, so I’ve learnt from experience to keep the groups small. There are no more than 15 people in the Online Masterclass sessions. This means you get to raise all of your questions in an intimate environment with plenty of chances to tailor the discussion to your unique circumstances.As part of the program you will also receive:As a program alumni you will be invited to join a private Facebook Group to continue to post any questions you might have and receive carefully curated content that may be of interest. This is not a big group but you do get to learn from other’s that have set up online businesses. It is only open to those that attend one of my workshops or seminars as a bonus.[…]
Affiliate ’I’ve got an idea’ — The Online Fix

’I’ve got an idea’


I want to take it online


‘All you need to know’


This Program Covers Everything You Need To Go From Idea To Open For Business Online. Full Of Hands-on Exercises, It Covers How To Test Your Ideas For A Paying Market, Best Way To Sell Online And Get A Website Up And Running Without Spending A Fortune.

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