The Real Man’s Guide To Controlling Jealousy

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Overcoming Jealousy in Romantic Relationships

Youre About to Discover How to Not Only Control Your Jealousy, But Even Turn it Into an Advantage.Plus, Find Out How to Know Without a Doubt Whether a Woman is Cheating or Not!If you are suffering from Jealousy I know what you are going through..It makes you feel powerless, out of control and frankly it ruins your life. There are few emotional feelings that are as painful and self defeating as jealousy. If this is something you suffer from, you know it, and it is a problem which is not going to go away, unless you understand it and learn to overcome it.Let me ask you this:Well, if you answered yes to any of the questions above and/or if any of the situations I described sound familiar to you, then you are not alone.In the past I used to be literally paralysed by images of my partner being in the arms of another guy, of her flirting with other guys, of her liking other guys more than me, of her wanting to be sexual with other guys. I couldnt bare the thought of her liking another man in a sexual way. Of another man pleasing her more than me.I used to worry what she was up to when we were not together. Was she cheating on me? Was she going out with other guys behind my back? If she got a text message from another guy, I wanted to know what it was all about (even to the point of spying on her phone). It used to drive me crazy.Just Seeing Her Talk to Another Man Would Trigger My Jealousy and Get Me Raging Mad!It used to be painful watching her flirting with another man. I cant tell you how many arguments I had with past girlfriends because of my jealousy. Of course, back then it was my partners fault. All she had to do was pay attention to me and keep from talking to other guys and everything would have been just fine.It was not a healthy relationship to be in, and I was very unhappy.I was an emotional wreck. Was it my fault that I was feeling this way? Is there something wrong with me? Was it her fault? Was it her actions that were causing me to feel jealous? Was I asking too much from the relationship? It was all very complicated to make sense of it all!So I set out on this journey to try to find out more about this emotion called jealousy, where it comes from, whats causing me to react this way. I read a lot of books on the subject. I tried and tested a lot of stuff. I spoke to a lot of dating experts. Guys who have dated a lot of women who know about male/female interactions and how to have fulfilling relationships.I had to read several books and articles[…]
Overcoming Jealousy in Romantic Relationships – Controlling Jealousy in Relationships

One Of The Biggest Relationship Issues Men Face Is Jealousy, Which Is Completely Out Of Control And Ruins Their Relationships And Lives. The Real Man’s Guide Is A Highly Tested Jealousy Control System That Is Achieving Ourstanding Results In The Field.

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