The Red Wine Diet

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Well, as I said, I have been a strength and conditioning specialist for roughly 30 years and am also certified nutritionist. Over time, Ive helped people lose over 5000 pounds of fat at my various facilities.I now spend most of my time speaking and writing, and I spread the word to people over 40 and 50 and beyond, about how to take better care of themselves, and live a longer life.Jim and Diane were familiar with my articles and strong position on health and fitness for people over age 40. They realized I wasnt afraid to call out the lies and state the -no matter how unpopular that might be.After all, my clients range from youngsters (age 11 or 12) all the way through to professional athletes.Along the way Ive just about seen it all!I have always believed in being hands on when it came to helping my clients. If I could not PROVE something worked, I was not interested. If a diet, workout or supplement did not have proof and solid science to back it, it was likely bogus and I discarded it. I tested everything myself before allowing my clients to use it.I was proud to be considered the go to resource for my clients as well as forthose who followed my work.I had known Jim and Diane in the past but this conversation was a little different… They wanted a sit-down meeting.They had a real look of concern in their eyes. I could tell that they recently had their own heart-to-heart discussion and came to the realization it was time to do something before it was too late.Jim and Diane admitted to themselves that the life they were now living was NOT the life they planned. They could see their quality of life changing…and not for the better. They dreaded the thought of actually for an active retirement for no real reasonother than aging and some weight gain.To their credit, they decided to confront rather than ignore these changes before they led them into a downward spiral.Jim added, Art, we consider you one of us in this battle because we know youre over 50. You are fighting the same issues we are. What can we do today turn things around?I knew I could help but first I had to clarify some things. Some of them would not be easy for them to hear…I asked them both to have a seat and said, I am going to tell you the real reasons why you find yourselves in the position you do today.It was time for me to be the source of some harsh reality[…]
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