The Science To Make Anyone Like You

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Harvard Study Reveals Breakthrough Science to Make Anyone Like You in 7 Seconds

Harvard Study RevealsBreakthrough Science to Make Anyone Like You in 7 SecondsHave you ever been tongue-tied at a party? Or experience the awkward silence in a conversation? I remember going to a party and feeling that I dont belong. I stood there, feeling awkward. My mind started playing tricks on me.I look stupid. They must think I am a loser. I made small talk to the person standing next to me. But the conversation fizzled out faster than it started.I ended up holding on to my drink for dear life and standing at the corner of the room wishing I was back in my own apartment. I wastired of making boring smalltalk that leads to nowhere. I wastired of being a forgettable wallflowerat a party or a networking event. I wastired of being that guy that nobody remembers. So, I started devouring books on human psychology and communications. I spent thousands of dollars on mentors and workshops. It wasnt until I stumbled upon a Harvard professor when I found the answer – the science to make anyone like you. The University of Harvard did a study that spans 80 yearstodiscover the secret of alonger andhealthier life. And the answer isnot success or money or fame. It is thequality of your relationship with your loved ones, friends and the community.Is It Really Possible To Make Someone Like You In 7 Seconds?Studies have shown Only 7% of any message is conveyed through words, 38% is through vocal tonality, and55% is non-verbal(body language, facial expressions, gestures etc). Think of our last interaction with a stranger? Whether we admit it or not, we probably made a snap judgment of him before he even speaks. Thats even shorter 7 seconds! Isnt that amazing? And here we are so focused on what we are saying.Let Me Give You An Example…When we start a conversation with someone, should we face him directly? Should we stand shoulder-to-shoulder next to him? Its generally not a good idea to face him directly. Firstly, it might scare him off. Subconsciously, it conveys that we are too available. Maybe we even come across as needy! So how should we stand?We can stand 45 degrees away from him. So it shows thatwe are interested to get to know him better but he has not won us over yet. He has got to earn our full attention. Even how we stand makes a hell of a difference. I will share more tips with you in the science to make anyone like you. Why the hype about being morelikable? Whether we like it or not, studies have shown that, everything else being equal, if you aremore lika[…]
Harvard Study Reveals Breakthrough Science to Make Anyone Like You in 7 Seconds

Are you ever tongue-tied at a party? Or you are at a networking event and you wish the investor would invest in your company? They would if they LIKE you!

Science-based Training Program To Make Anyone Like You. There Is An Upsell Flow Attached To This Product And If The Customer Opt-in For The Upsell, Additional Commission Is $49.

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