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thankyou Your First 10 Pounds

Hi, my name is Will Tseng and Im the scrawny kid mentioned at the beginning of this letter.I am now a fitness instagram influencer and competitive state and national fitness model.It wasnt always like this though7 years ago I was 95 pounds of bone and nothing else.I had a weak, lanky frame, my chest was completely flat, my arms were like toothpicks and I had a pot belly too.But most of all, people would let me know about it everydayMy friends would call me the scrawny guy or the lanky guy.I got bullied a lot and pushed around by bigger guys in college.With one confrontation a bully held me by the arms and beat into my rib cage just to humiliate me with all my classmates around laughing.I ended up crying through class that day but no one felt sorry for me.And at the time, I was too weak to protect myself.The girls I went on dates with in the hopes I would get a girlfriend rejected me because I was too skinny.I still remember a girl I liked saying Sorry, youre skinnier than my best friend and shes a girl. while laughingDuring the start of my fitness journey one of my best friends even told me to eat a sandwich.I was heartbroken, humiliated and felt embarrassed and ashamed.That was one of the most humiliating messages I had ever received and it spurred me on to prove them wrong.I knew I was meant for more. I just didnt know how I was going to do it.All I knew was that I wasnt always going to be known as just The Skinny GuyI was tired of being the guy girls never noticed.I was tired of being in the background and being bullied in school and college.I was tired of not having complete confidence in my own body and that I couldnt even take my shirt off at the beach.Broken, depressed and anxious every time I stepped foot in public were just normal feelings of everyday life.I didnt have the confidence to take off my t-shirt.In fact I didnt even have the confidence to be in oneMy arms were way too small for the sleeves and I had to buy sizes down so I didnt look like I was wearing a plastic bag.I would wear baggy hoodies just to feel bigger and stronger.I would touch my arms nervously in public every few minutes in the hopes they were bigger and the people around wouldnt laugh.The stress of looking in the mirror haunted me daily.In all the pain I was experiencing, I decided one day to prove all those who doubted me wrong and to prove myself right.One day I was on YouTube watching some fitness videos when I stumbled upon a young bodybuilder named Zyzz at the time.He […]
thankyou – Your First 10 Pounds

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