The Sniper Wins! The 2016 Must Have Online Auction Ebook

The Sniper Wins! The 2016 Must Have Online Auction Ebook preview. Click for more details

The Sniper Wins

The Sniper Wins! is the brand new 2016must have eBook for new eBayer’s as well as seasoned eBayers who want to raise profits, save time and money, and sell their items for maximum profits. The eBook is packed with actual recent examples that will explain the bidding process to save you tons of money and included with the eBook as a bonus is a worksheet for those in the United States that want to maximize selling profits.The information in this eBook applies to a worldwide audience that would like to learn how to win auctions without having to be at your computer. It saves you a lot of time and teaches you the correct methods to sniping eBay auctions.Selling on eBay is much more difficult than it seems. There are a variety of fees and costs involved and all of those fees must be computed each time before you list an item. The worksheet included with this ebook (for United States buyers) has been made by an Excel Pro and uses a reverse formula so that you only need to add a few variables and you will know exactly what to sell an item for to hit your desired profit. Whether you utilize free shipping or the buyer pays shipping, this worksheet will compute selling prices quickly and efficiently and let you know exactly how much you made per each sale. Time is money and this will save you many hours of time!This new 2016eBook has beenwritten by a seasoned eBayer that uses the automatic and manual sniping methods that are covered in great detail in thiseBook. He has saved himself a ton of money sniping and knows the proper way to sell on eBay. He shares his experience with you so that your experience on eBay will be much more satisfying and you won’t lose money like other eBayer’s.Although, the worksheet is designed for the United States dollar, if you live outside of the United States, you will still greatly benefit by reading the information in this eBook. You will learn how to snipe eBay auctions and win them for the lowest price, you will learn how to win auctions for only a penny over the last bidder, you will learn about items that are hot on ebay (in 2016), that you can snipe and turn around and make excellent profits on and much more!!!You will also have FREE access to theprivate "The Sniper Wins" blog where you can ask for any help eBaying and stay on top of the ever changing fees associated with eBaying. The methods used in this eBook are going to work for a very long time. You will save a great deal of money and make the most selling your ite[…]
The Sniper Wins

The Sniper Wins! The 2016 Must Have Online Auction eBook to Win All Auctions, Save Money, and Make the Most Selling.

Win All Auctions, Save Money, And Make The Most Money Selling . Brand New Ebook Explains How To Automatically Snipe eBay® Auctions, How To Beat Bid Increments, How To Determine Proper Selling Prices To Maximize Profits. Packed Full Of Recent Examples!

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