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Sexy Texting CheetSheets Lady-Zone

Here is how it usually starts: Flirting, texting, restaurants, amazing sex, several hours talks, flowersfor a while Then as time passes by all these magical moments start to occur less and less frequentlyits like the magic fades away and you have to put more and more efforts to get even noticed by the man you loveIf you are like most women, I know you have moments when you feel that wayFact: Romance Means Very Different Things To Men Than It Does To WomenIf youre like most women, in your mind Romance means connection, communication, long evenings cuddled up together by a fire and slow, sensual lovemakingBut even though guys CAN really enjoy that kind of evening (if you can get him to drop his guard for a while and feel like hes earned it)But when he wins, you both losePlain and simple, us guys are hard wired deep in our genes to hunt andpursuewomenTo whisper sweet nothings in your earsAnd towinyour love and affection and claim you as our ownWhat this means is that insideeveryman (even your man) theres aAnd since we want to help more and more women to help their men to Release The Sexy Romantic Beast, we have created a cookbook called:You could go out and read EVERY book ever written on dating, marriage & relationships, spend HOURS interviewing relationship coaches, watching TED talks, and actually go out in the field and DO this stuff like we have.Read this simple 16 pages report that boils down everything weve learned about sexy texting into a 15 minute read and use the tested prewritten messages.No fluff and NO B.S.Just the raw information and systems you need to get your mans attention and pull him back in persuing romantic mode[…]
Sexy Texting CheetSheets — Lady-Zone

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