The Ultimate Prayer Guide

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My name is Richard Schley and I have used the power of prayer for 59 years to build an amazing life for myself, my family and those around me. My life is the positive proof that there no obstacles prayer cannot remove nor challenges prayer cannot overcome. I have found myself in situation after situation where things looked so BLEAK that it would have been crazy to hope for anything good. Yet through prayer, I not only achieved BREAKTHROUGH after amazing breakthrough, but I was able to live the kind of life most people would die for.In our day and age, very easy to become suspicious, skeptical, or, frankly, be put off by the word ‘prayer.’ For many of us that word brings back memories or impressions of repressive parochial school environments, strict parents, judging and condemning church members, backbiting, judgment, and other less than comforting elements many of us associate with religion. But the power of prayer goes beyond religion, dogma, structures, rituals, and ‘faith group membership.’ Even completely secular people can pray to tap into the unlimited potential of the POWER behind the Law of Attraction.If you are feeling stuck, guilty, powerless, lost, depressed, or simply feel like you are not living the kind of life you COULD BE LIVING, the answer is as simple as PRAYER. Prayer unlocks the world’s potential right in front of your very eyes. You can go from barely scraping by to living a life of unimaginable abundance. You can transform from feeling that life has beaten you and continues to beat you at every turn to becoming the master of your fate. You can blossom from someone who can’t seem to get his or her act together to a life of unstoppable success in which you only need to THINK about something for it to become a reality you can see, touch, taste, smell, and hear. In short, PRAYER is the ANSWER you are looking for.With a grateful heart, you express your BELIEF that the World is not all about You. Instead, by choosing to feel thankful to a GREATER force, you train your mind on the reality that there is something BIGGER, STRONGER, and UNLIMITED out there. This connects you with the ETERNAL MIND. This connection means you believe that while you may not have the POWER to change your situation, the ETERNAL does. This means that even if you don’t have the resources to attain whatever it is you desire, the ETERNAL does.By tapping into the ETERNAL, your prayer pushes you away from your limitations. You depend less and less on yourself to solve yo[…]
The Ultimate Prayer Guide – Sales Page

Do You Feel That Regardless Of How Hard You Try And How Much You Work, Nothing Good Seems To Happen To You? Then Learn How To Empower Your Life Through Prayer.

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