The X-factor Diet Is Here… The Biggest Diet Launch Of 2016

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The X-factor Diet Is Here... The Biggest Diet Launch Of 2016 preview. Click for more details

X Factor Diet

That was the last time I had talked to her.. about a year ago. And now, her son and I were waiting for the doctor to come in and tell us what was wrong.He knew I cared deeply about all of my clients, and his Mom was no exception. He told me in the waiting room that he called me because his Mom spoke highly of me, and he thought I’d be the one who could help her lose weight. So when I got the call from him, I rushed over to the hospital. And here we were, sitting and waiting.I said with a smile…As I saw her laying there… part of me felt like I had failed Jenny. But I knew I could only help my clients so much.The doc was pointing at her son… and Jenny and I both got teary eyed. Those words stung us both, but I’m sure it hit Jenny like a ton of bricks. I loved Jenny like a sister, so this was troubling news to me as well. We both just sat there, with a look of shock on our faces.From time to time, I’d think about her and wonder if she was keeping up with the exercises I had taught her.When we first met, she told me she tried everything… diets, weight loss shakes, pills, boxed meals… all of it.She tried the point system… but hated standing up in front of a group of strangers. She even forced herself to do a ton of exercise and try to restrict her calories as much as possible by eating just salads all day. But no matter what she did, she never saw any weight come off, which is what made her more frustrated.We created a work out plan that didn’t take a lot of time and I also had her eating less and less calories than she was eating now.Jenny kept working at it… coming to see me 3 times a week. She said she looked and felt so much better after losing 26 pounds in 60 days.And in just a little over 30 days, Jenny lost 12 pounds of unwanted blubber. 30 days after that, she lost another 14 pounds. So in just 60 days, she lost 26 pounds.As sort of a last resort, she found my website online and decided to come in to see me at my personal training studio. I say last resort because Jenny didn’t have a lot of time to work out, since she owned a busy bakery downtown. She put in 15 hour work days at the bakery and when she got home, was too tired to do much of anything.Jenny had come to see me about 2 years ago… looking for a way to lose weight that didn’t take a lot of time.Obviously the answer to that question came as we were listening to the doctor describe how he was giving Jenny a year or two to live unless she dramatically changed her eating habits, lo[…]
X Factor Diet

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