Through The Bible . . . As It Happened

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Thru-the-Bible . . . as It Happened

Through the Bible . . . as It HappenedFrom the Desktop of Dave Shreve:Have you ever read all of the way through Gods Word, the Bible? This is a novel concept for many people but a realized accomplishment for some!The truth is, most Christians never even consider doing such a thing. They are content to read their Bibles when they are in church, but not so much at home. Some will read a few verses each day and feel content in this small measure of devotion.You can be among the elite in Christian circles who can say they have read every bit of the Bible! All of it from Genesis to Revelation! And you can do it in just one full year!What it takes is determination discipline and inspiration!You Have to Supply the Determination and DisciplineYes, the determination and discipline are yours!Youll need to decide right now if this is something you want to do and if it is something you can do.You already know the answer to the 2nd part. In Christ is the full ability to do everything He wants us to do. And surely, He wants us the be fully acquainted with all of His Word.The 1st part is the questionable part. Thats the want-to, the determination. God will not force you to do this youll have to want to do it.My Part Is the Inspiration Part!Through the Bible . . . as It HappenedIt took me over 40 years to begin, develop, restructure, and complete this chronological Bible reading plan. Even with a degree in Bible and a minor in Greek, the task was very involved. Painstaking research, extensive comparison, and review upon review was required to re-arrange the Bible chronologically.The result is a printable chronological Bible reading plan which makes the Bible read like a novel in order as it happened from the very beginning to the very end!When you read the events of the Bible in their natural sequence (reading through the Bible in chronological order), the Bible just comes to life for you. You would not read pages 1-5 of a novel, and then pages 97-100, then back to 46-60, and back again to 9-10, would you? You would never understand the book!If you want to really understand your Bible, youll need to read it chronologically, in order.If You Are ReadyCLICK HERE TO ORDER NOWEvery Bible Event Is Arranged as It Happened in Sequence in OrderYou will start in Genesis and end in Revelation but in between will not be anything like the way you have ever read the Bible before. One event will unfold after another they will all be in the order in which they occurred. A[…]
Thru-the-Bible . . . as It Happened

Read The Bible In Order, As It Happened, Like A Novel. All Scripture Text Re-arranged Chronologically. Over 1,200 Pages In Length. Complete Notes On The Scripture Passages. Quotes From Notable Past & Present Christian Leaders. Destined To Be The Standard.

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