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Social Anxiety Course

Let me ask you a couple of questions:1. Did you ever make up a fake excuse to avoid doing something social?2. Do you sometimes take a different route to get to your destination because the fastest one might make you bump into someone you know or is more crowded?3. Do you sometimes not answer the phone when its ringing because you feel anxioustalking on the phone?4. Do you stay inside all day because its more comfortable even though you would like to get out?6. Do sometimes get to a store, see that there is a lot of people and decide to turn back because it was too crowded?7. Do you avoid talking as much as possible out of fear of saying something stupid? Or better yet, talk TOO MUCH because you dontwant people to think you are shy and anxious?8. At work or at school, do you have lunch on your own to avoid having to sit with people and talk?9. When walking down the street and see a group of people coming your way, do you cross the street in order to avoid them?10. Did you ever pretend to be on the phone with someone in order to avoid talking to people?These are just a few examples of what control behaviors areI could continue listing some for ages but the important thing to understand is this:Control behaviors make us feel good in the short term, but make our social anxiety worse in the long term.You see, when you successfully avoid feeling social anxiety, your brain thinks that the control behavior saved you from experiencing another negative social event and this only makes you feel MORE social anxiety next time you are faced with the same social situation.[…]
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