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TreadLift | Burn + Build + Boost

What if I dont have access to a treadmill (or hate the treadmill)?The workouts are all build in timed segments, so you can do this with any piece of cardio equipment. Simply trade out the running/walking for anything you do have access to. Though the workouts are not individually tailored to other machines, you can easily do the sprinting sections on anything. If it calls for an incline, increase your resistance. If it calls for a flat sprint, increase your speed at a lower resistance, for example.What if I have bad knees and need something lower impact?See response above. The interval segments can be done on any machine that suits your needs, such as the bike, the elliptical, the rower and even just walking on the treadmill. Listen to your body (you know it better than I do!) and stay safe and work with where you are, no expectations! There are also several incline walking workouts included in #treadLIFT. As for the weight training movements, for any jumping motion (plyometrics), I have offered an alternative.What format do theworkouts come in?All of the workouts are delivered via easy print-and-go PDF with accompanying photos for all lifting movements. There are no full-length videos or audios for each workout,only videotutorials for how to use the treadmill, how to get on and off during a workout, and how to rest while it’s still going, etc.–safetystuff!What equipment do I need?Youll need access to a treadmill (or other cardio equipment or a stretch of outdoor running space around 200 meters or half way around the track) and at the very least, a set of moderate weight dumbbells. Ideally Id like you to have 2 sets of dumbbells: one heavier (15-25 lbs) and one lighter (8-15 lbs). A bench is optional. You can always use an ottoman, the floor or a chair for any sitting movements.Am I fit enough? It sounds intense!Youre right, the program is challenging and was designed with intermediate to advanced exercisers in mind. The reason is not to exclude, so much as I want you have to have something to work toward. I expect 90% of people to not be able to do the workouts exactly as is. Thats by design. I want you to honor your body and adjust as needed for you. Most will be able to do the weight lifting sections just fine, but the treadmill portions are extremely challenging (and meant to be). But dont make this one more way youre not good enough Its not! Instead, see it as an opportunity to learn your body, honor your process, work toward a goal and stay consist[…]
TreadLift | Burn + Build + Boost

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The 36-week Treadmill + Dumbbell Solution To Build Muscle, Burn Fat And Boost Your Cardiovascular Endurance

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